Early Career (0-3 years) Elite Package

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The main:

Early Career Professional Resume

Resume Optimization

Cover Letter

Thank You Letter or e-Note

2 Hours of TECHNICAL Interview coaching, specific to high-tech roles 

LinkedIn Revamp or Overhaul:

  • LinkedIn Headline & Value Proposition
  • Custom Background
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Position Update
  • Professional LinkedIn Bio
  • LinkedIn Preview 

The bonuses:

  • 3 RezOp scans and thorough job posting analysis
  • PDF, DOC, TXT versions upon completion
  • Resume targeting for 2-3 similar positions
  • Complimentary (optional) Personal Collaboration Session
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • 7-10 business day turnaround
  • Targeted Questionnaire (TQ) specific to your needs and your industry
  • Custom formatting - we don't use templates
  • Resume Preview 


Your resume package is complete with all the benefits you need. Here's the "what" and "why" breakdown:


3 RezOp scans and thorough job posting analysis

We give you 3 resume optimization scans and a thorough job posting analysis to give you the best shot of getting to a recruiter. If you don't know, your resume is screened by the "robot" when you apply for a position and then passed to the recruiter. Our scans get you beyond the robot and into human hands.


PDF, DOC, TXT versions upon completion

We want our clients to be fully prepared for any job application, whether an email requesting a PDF copy or an online application that requires a plain text version. You get all 3 versions, just in case!


Resume targeting for 2-3 similar positions

Ever heard of "tailoring your resume for each position?" Of course, you have! As a client, we allow you to submit 3 positions that you're interested in so that we can "tailor" your resume for the specific industry. We use keywords, core competencies, and minimum qualifications searches to strategically integrate your strengths across your entire career profile—resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn.


Complimentary (optional) Personal Collaboration Session

If you're not sure that you're communicating the info we need using our easy-to-use platform, we are standing by to chat with you. You can schedule a time to meet, and we can "hammer out the details."